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Player 2 controls as player 1 for come games/emulators? (arcade sticks)

  • Hi,

    I have an arcade 1up cabinet modified to a retropie machine using raspberry pi.
    It has two sets of controllers.

    For some reason some of the games and/or emulators detect the 2nd player as player 1 and some work normally.
    So for some one player games I have to use the 2nd player controls.

    Why would this be?

    I have configured the controls several times so now it seems to indicate that the first player controls are "Controller 3" for some reason... I wonder if this could be the reason?
    For some games it works just fine but for some it does not.

    Any ideas? Thanks.

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    @Ohris Please add more info about your system -
    What emulator are you using ? Do you have any other controllers configured, besides the cabinet controls ?

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    first of all some arcades are like this there is one joystick and the players take there turn when the player changes this is normal in some cases you need to be a little more specific. A game can be two playes with one controller. For example the arcade game rygar does this.

  • @Ohris
    Hello! I’m happy to say that last year I built my own bartop arcade and experienced the EXACT same problem with my usb encoder (1 usb input with 2 sets of controls attached.)

    I found and followed the instructions in this video & am happy to report that it’s worked like a charm ever since. Hope this helps.

  • @Splattered138 Took a bit of time for me to ansver but I will check out your video... I had other issues to deal with so this problem was shelved for a while.

    But yes I only have 2 controls (1up arcade cabinet converted to raspberry retropie).
    Some games I have to use the 2nd player controls and some work with the 1st player ones... weird and annoying.

  • @Ohris what usb encoders are you using? because depending on what port you plug in controllers, decides the player number
    Port 0 has has highest priority for player 1

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