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Editing an "gamelist.xml" file without it getting corrupted

  • Hi guys

    As the title suggests, what is the easiest method and best way for me to edit a gamelist.xml file?
    I have tried opening it in "WinSCP", but everytime I make a change to it it becomes corrupted.

    Is there an easy way I can add paths, change file names, add game descriptions without causing it to become corrupted?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you

  • @Winklepicker I just open mine in any text editor then save it back again.

    In what way does it become corrupted?

  • @Winklepicker I just use sudo nano in the terminal on the pi itself for the file and edit entries. I have done all of my dreamcast games like that. Are you sure you are properly using the tags? I think the only time mine has had an issue is when I realize I have made a typo like forgetting the closing tag (ex- the other part of image tag) or don’t put the slash in one of the tags that need it.

  • Is there some sort of gamelist cleaner? I get blank entries, they won't show up but they do give errors, as well when it is set to parse only they do show up and I can't delete them.

    I think the gamelist should be saved as UTF-8 possibly it doesn't matter.
    Using WinSCP, are you using SCP protocol with the added Shell "- sudo", that shouldn't matter either because the rom folder is shared r/w.
    What editor are you using? Try programmer's notepad

    and this ↓↓↓

  • Banned

    close emulation station before editing it

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