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Amiberry and HDF Odroid XU 4

  • I have running very well my Odroid XU 4 with Amiberry. I see all the roms are in the home/pi/retropie/roms and inside here there is a list called gameslist.xml and here I see the name of roms, their videos, preview and the .lha files calling. All files are in .lha without exception. Now I bought the original of Amiga OS 3.1.4 and Amiga OS 4.1. The company gave me everything. Now I pretend to make an HDF (hard drive file) with the OS’s 3.1.4 and other for the 4.1. The in that gameslist.xml to add the hdf I need to instead .lha directly and it will be called? Or how can I make to load hdf files? Also where I define the rom (kickstart), memory, and so on..., for that Amiga OS’s?

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