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FB alpha Control retropie

  • Hi All,

    Pretty new to using retropie and RP3, I have 2 usb controllers I've used (in total it's designed as a 2 player bar top arcade, 2 joy cons each side has 6 buttons and a start select each). I've entered the controls as a SNES controller on both sides for the sake of navigating retropie and both operate accordingly in SNES multiplayer games. However, when it comes to FB alpha the right hand side is dialled in but the left hand side is all wrong. I've tried to adjust the controller in Retroarch and that has resolved sf3 controls, and I've saved the settings across the core remap option. But I've jumped into another game in FB alpha and the LHS controls are completely different to the right which is perfectly dialled in again. any idea how to hard save the controls across the entire emulator and etc in other emulators?


  • Global Moderator

    Can you give more details about your setup -
    Are the 2 controllers identical - same model - or different ? What controllers are you using ?

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