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Super Mario Bros runs slow on lr-quicknes

  • I'm running RetroPie 4.3 on a Raspberry Pi 3 using an official Raspberry 2.5A power supply.

    I'm comparing the speed it's running at to a European NES (PAL) system using the regular Super Mario Bros/Duck Hunt cartridge. I've noticed that the emulated version runs a lot slower on the whole (music sounds slower and the game plays slower).

    Most issues I find are about games running too fast. I'm convinced the Pi can handle the speed but I'm not sure what's causing the slow down?

    Am I just using the wrong ROM (i.e. a 60Hz rom on a 50Hz system)? Or is there a setting I can change?


  • Yeah...that was it. All my ROMS were NTSC roms. A PAL rom runs a lot quicker.

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    I wonder how quickness determines the region - there's nothing in the Core Options (like Nestopia or Fceumm) which can select the Region. How is the ROM file named ?

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