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EASYGET LED arcade buttons and joystick are not being recognized by retro pie.

  • It just says "No Gamepad Detected". Does anyone have any ideas on how to fix this? Im using a Raspberry Pi 3b+ with just retropi installed on the SD card. Was thinking about just buying a controller and configuring it with that, but as I plan to use this for mostly arcade games I am going to want the buttons and joystick operational. Let me know if you have any ideas, thanks!

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    From the amazon's page:

    Q: Is there something special i have to do? neither board is being detected by retropie or on my windows machine when i plug it in via usb.
    A: Please change another 5Pin slot on the encoder board to install the USB Cable. You must have connected the USB cable to the wrong slot.
    Please have a try. You can get contact with us via message if you still have any issue.

  • @mitu said in EASYGET LED arcade buttons and joystick are not being recognized by retro pie.:


    I did read this in the comments, but still it did not work unfortunately. Still "No Gamepads Detected"

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    @duck94 So, did you try contacting them, as they suggest ? Maybe your unit is defective or there's something else that needs configured. Does it work on Windows/PC ?

  • @mitu So what i find weird is that they did work on my old raspberry pi. It's just this new one. So i didn't know if there was something extra I need to download onto my SD card to get them connected. But from what I've heard from others, these normally do work with raspberry pi 3b+

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    Well, the usual troubleshooting steps are

    • start with the RetroPie image from It's a tested and mostly stock Raspbian image and the best baseline system to start experimenting.
    • make sure you have an adequate power supply and you don't get any under-voltage warnings.
    • test if the device is detected by the OS by running a few command line utilities
    # see what USB devices are connected with
    # see what input devices are detected by the OS and what kind (gamepad/keyboard/mouse/etc.)
    cat /proc/bus/input/devices
    • test if the device inputs are registered in the system by running a few joystick/gamepad testing programs fromt the command line that capture the button/joypad/d-pad presses and show them on the terminal:
    # 1st joystick
    jstest /dev/input/js0
    # 2nd joystick
    jstest /dev/input/js1
    # another testing utility

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