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Getting Controller to Work with PSX Games

  • So, I was trying to play Diablo on the lr-pcsx-rearmed Playstation emulator and came across the issue of not being able to press any buttons and such for the game. I googled it and came across the fix where you changed the controller to analog through the Retroarch menu but it did nothing. Not only that but it made every other Playstation game not work as well. So I tried to change it back to the standard input and all of the games that did work, stopped. I thought that it maybe wasn't saving and that I had to go into the controller settings within the file and that still didn't fix it. I've used different controllers and everything. The controllers still work perfectly normal with every other system on my image so it cant be the controller. I've uninstalled and reinstalled lr-pcsx-rearmed, reinstalled the controller drivers, and still no luck. I have the correct BIOS file as well.

    Pi Model or other hardware: Pi3+.
    Power Supply used: 2000MA AC adapter
    RetroPie Version Used: 4.4.11
    Built From: Official Retropie image from website
    USB Devices connected: Xbox One controller
    Controller used: Xbox One, PS3, Keyboard
    Emulator: Playstation (lr-pcsx-rearmed)

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  • @DreadfulDreamZz so some games use standard controls only. Games made before the release of the dual shock controller. Analog setting tells it you are using a dualshock.

  • @DreadfulDreamZz You need to change the controller type in both the Quick Menu's Options and the Quick Menu's Controls, then restart for the Quick Menu's Options changes to apply.

    I use DualShock and RetroPad w/Analog as the Core's default options and controls, while I change to Standard in the options and Retro Pad (alongside mapping the D-Pad to the left analog) on controls for games that are digital-only or don't have analog controls then save the changes for that game specifically.

    The spreadsheet listed on the wiki is fairly accurate and quick way to see which controller each game used.

    Only covers USA games though. Go to the PlayStation DataCenter for information on everything else: it's what the spreadsheet above was based on.

    Might be some inconsistencies between the two as the sheet hasn't been updated much since creation, incorrect info was seen on the site yet not reported (because I was already putting so much time into the spreadsheet), and it's possible something was incorrect on the site when the spreadsheet was made and is now fixed on the site.

    One of these days I need to make the time to update that PSX documentation since it has so many problems such as directing users to do manual edits when things could be done in RetroArch.

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