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Help LCD screen

  • Hello everyone, I just started with raspberry and retropie. I get a LCD screen for my raspberry. My screen is correctly install with the driver and it's work but retropie just go on the hdmi. Can you help me please thanks. And I'm french so sorry for my language. Bye.

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    You'll have to offer more details about your setup - what type of LCD screen, how did you install it, etc. What happens if you just disconnect the PI's HDMI, does the screen outputs by default on the LCD ?
    If you're using the RPI DSI LCD, then try setting the display_default_lcd to 1 in the /boot/config.txt file:


    If a Raspberry Pi DSI LCD is detected it will be used as the default display and will show the framebuffer. Setting display_default_lcd=0 will ensure the LCD is not the default display, which usually implies the HDMI output will be the default. The LCD can still be used by choosing its display number from supported applications, for example, omxplayer.

  • @mitu it's a RPI touch screen 3'5" and it's TFT type. I just plug him on the raspberry and I install drivers with command lines.

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    You'll have to offer more info than that - what type/model ? Do you have a link to the model ? Also, did you try my suggestion about unplugging the HDMI cable and see if the main screen switches to the LCD screen ?

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