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PC Engine to TurboGrafx in Simple Theme for Pi Zero W not working

  • Hi! I just bought a raspberry pi zero W, and I'm starting a new retropie image from scratch. I downloaded the latest retropie image and updated it, and I have an existing pi 3b image, so I then copied over my:

    • gamelists
    • image files
    • roms
    • bios files

    I also wanted to change the megadrive to genesis, and pc engine to turbografx, and I'm using the simple theme. To do this, I created a platforms.cfg text file that says:



    I've also updated all my main/optional packages from binary and rebooted. The genesis looks great! The PC Engine, however, looks like this:


    I've also tried to update my es_systems.cfg to reflect Turbografx, but it still will not update. Can you all tell me if you've ran into a similar problem, and how to fix it? What's strange is that I don't have a platforms.cfg on my old pi 3 image (and my es_systems.cfg file still says pc engine), so I'm not sure how I have it working on the pi 3 and not on the Zero. Thank you all so much for your help!

  • Not all themes recognize platform="tg16". IIRC, the simple theme actually uses Turbografx theming by default, so just leave theme and platform on "pcengine" in the .cfg and it should work.

  • @Lyle_JP I am a big dummy, and this fixed it - thank you so much!!

  • @saikyo78 My pleasure.

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