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Assertion `mType == FLODER' failed.

  • I'm trying to scrap ScummVM games.
    When I restart my retropie I have the following error.
    Emulationstation: home/pi/retropiesetup/tmp/build/emulationstation/es-app/src/filedata.cpp:216: void Filedata::addchild(filedata*): Assertion `mType == FLODER' failed.

    if I delete the gamelist.xlm file everything works again
    if i use the option "parse XML gamelist only" everything works

    To Reproduce
    use this gamelist.xml
    parse XML gamelist only "OFF"

    Special circumstances
    scrapp in french

    Technical information
    Skyscraper version: 3.1.4
    Internet connection: [ASDL]
    OS: [RetroPie]
    OS Version [e.g. 4.4.12]

  • @dje33
    since scummvm gui creates shortcuts when adding games using the gui. I would suggest using an alternate folder for the data because it has no place is the scummvm folder.

    or rather by moving the game-data to a different folder and using the scummvm-gui to then add the games may alleviate the errors.

    sorry i could not find anything wrong with the gamelist pastebin, other than the escape character errors in the descriptions and is usually not a problem.

  • Global Moderator

    @Efriim ScummVM supports also .svm files, it's perfectly fine.

    @dje33 I think the problems comes from the fact that .svm is a known extension for Emulationstation, but both your folders and launch files have the .svm extension. Try renaming the folders (or remove the .svm extension from the folders) in the gamelist on on disk and try to see if it still crashes.

  • I rename the folder.

    Everything works

  • i add .svn at the end of the folder name because of this topic

  • @dje33
    That is well, I was just playing some King's Quest I and I have just installed this patch for scummvm to assign controls. It requires rebuilding scummvm from source which takes some time, I don't know if the lr-scummvm already has these features, are you using the scummvm within retroarch?

  • @dje33 hi, I'm the author of the lr-scummvm scriptmodule and the topic you referenced earlier. It's strange you are getting a crash as I tested ES with that layout before. Maybe something changed in EmulationStation recently.

    For the lr-scummvm emulator, if you want to launch games from EmulationStation without having to enter the folder first, then it IS necessary to have .svm at the end of the FOLDER names like you had before. Otherwise you will see the directories in ES that you will have to enter to then click again on the .svm file to launch the game.

    However, I did notice that your posted gamelist.xml is not fully correct. The paths in each game entry should point to the FOLDER and not the files inside. This is because the folder itself is being passed to the emulator launch script.

    So from this:

     <path>./The Curse Of Monkey Island (CD Windows, French).svm/comi.svm</path>

    You should have this instead:

     <path>./The Curse Of Monkey Island (CD Windows, French).svm</path>

    Notice how the path just points to the parent folder of the game data instead of the game launch file.

    I'm not sure how did you create the gamelist file, but that should make it work. Also, I'm not sure if the Screenscraper scraper will work with this layout because I understand it needs to compute checksums of the files to scrape, that naturally can't be done over a folder. Unfortunately there is no way around that for now.

    If you don't use the .svm extension on the folders, the emulator will still work properly, with the caveat that you will have to enter the folder first in ES.

    Let me know if this helps. Good Luck!

  • I use Skyscrapper to generate the XML file

    I edited the XML file to remove "/comi.svm"

    it's work.


  • @dje33 what dir is the gamelist file you deleted to make everything work again?

  • @Smythius
    If you edit the gamelist.xml, follow Hhromic's post to change the game path to end with the folder.

    Or change the folder name to remove the pseudo extension ".svm" but this is kind of a loss of a working organization function.

    roms via samba network

    roms via root directory

    alternate folder that gamelist.xml can be generated at with skyscraper
    /etc/emulationstation/~gamelists(???), or maybe

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