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PSX Disc Swap not seeing .iso disc

  • I upgraded/remade my RetroPi to the new Raspberry pi 3 B+ model and increased my memory (for other side projects).

    I wanted to revisit an old favorite, LoD. I started playing and finished the first disc and then ran into an issue. When I use the RGUI to swap to the 2nd disc (after opening the tray first) I do not have the option to load disc 2, 3, or 4 for the game going through the "Disk Image Append". I see all my other psx games in the roms/psx folder, but no LoD discs. CML checking the roms/psx folder I noticed that the LoD games are the only ones that are ".iso" and do not have any other files (.bin, img, or cue). All the others psx games are .bin & .cue files. So is this an issue with trying to read a .iso file?

    I read the PlayStation 1 docs about M3U the game dics, but from reading this technique is only for .bin type files. I'm not sure if there is something simple I'm missing or what exactly I'm doing wrong.

    Pi Model: 3b+
    Power Supply used: 5V 2.5A
    RetroPie Version Used: 4.4
    Built From: On top of Raspbian noobs
    USB Devices connected: keyboard & mouse
    Controller used: logitech F310
    Error messages received: no errors
    Emulator: 1.7.6 - pcsx-rearmed r22 e1d8eb0

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    The core doesn't show the .iso files when browsing, if the info from is correct then it's only going to show the extensions listed there.
    Try converting your .iso to .cue/.bin pairs (using MagicIso or PowerIso), then you can create an .m3u list or - recently - merge them into an .chd file.

  • @mitu Thank you for the advise. That seemed to have fixed my issue. That is interesting that the .iso files will still play but certain features are not supported by the emulator, such as the disc swap.

    Thanks again.

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  • @thellin1
    You could create an m3u index to point to the iso files or even cue, bin or pbp files.

    Legend of Dragoon (Disc 1).m3u contents:
    ./Legend of Dragoon (Disc 1).iso
    ./Legend of Dragoon (Disc 2).iso
    ./Legend of Dragoon (Disc 3).iso
    ./Legend of Dragoon (Disc 4).iso

    This way there is no need to append the image, because the index is already there.

    If you wanted to go the extra effort, you could create a folder for the game, and then make an m3u index for each disc. that way you will be able start on disc3 if the first entry in the index is disc3.

    Legend of Dragoon (Disc 3).m3u
    ./Legend of Dragoon (Disc 3).iso
    ./Legend of Dragoon (Disc 1).iso
    ./Legend of Dragoon (Disc 2).iso
    ./Legend of Dragoon (Disc 4).iso

    Though additionally you would have to symlink all the memorycards to the same one.
    make sure there is only the 1 memory card you want to keep and link to: "Legend of Dragoon.srm" and delete the others or else the links wont be made.
    ln -s "Legend of Dragoon.srm" "Legend of Dragoon (Disc 1).srm" "Legend of Dragoon (Disc 2).srm" "Legend of Dragoon (Disc 3).srm" "Legend of Dragoon (Disc 4).srm"
    provided those are the names for the m3u indices.

    You could also use a program called PSX2PSP to convert and compress all of the discs into a single or individual PBP file that can be loaded in EmulationStation.

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