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Any way to power on PC with DualShock 4 controller?

  • Maybe not the right forum to ask... But I guess a lot more people will have the same question so here is goes...

    I have 2 DualShock 4 controllers hooked up through bluetooth to my Ubuntu x86 machine.
    All is working well. Though it would be awesome if I press the PlayStation home button it'll power on my computer.

    Is this something that can be done?
    Does someone have this working already? :)

  • @Panja I'm sure there's a way, but it's probably not going to involve just the PC as I have yet to see a BIOS/UEFI that has any BT config which would be required.

    What I think could work is if you setup a Pi that scans for BT devices constantly and if it sees your dualshock 4 controllers send a wake on lan packet to the PC which then fires it up. The PC would need to be wired though. Just theorizing so don't ask me any more then what I already said! might be a good place to ask as well.

  • @Parabolaralus

    Thanks for thinking with me!

  • you may be able to have it wake from sleep, but idk if it will then react to any bt device near aswell, which would be a pain as it would turn on for any bt device broadcasting.

    personally i had to disable wake from my bt device as my mouse would instantly wake the pc again when i tried to put it to sleep.

  • After hearing the replies I think I will just power it on with the front button.
    Thanks for the replies!

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