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[Question] Different black borders n64 games

  • Now that I finally setup (good) n64 emulation with lr-mupen64plus-next on my x86 Ubuntu RetroPie install I noticed a lot of games (running US/NTSC only games) have black borders. Some games have bigger borders than others.

    I know you can setup overscan but because some games have bigger borders than others the overscan can be a little off.

    How do you guys handle it?

  • Any one?

  • No one having the same issues as me?

  • Could someone help me out with this?

  • @Panja Im not sure what you're talking about could you perhaps take a picture with your phone and post it?

  • @Parabolaralus
    Sure can!
    Will do so later on.

    What I mean is the following:
    I have set N64 emulation to 4:3 resolution.
    Though games are giving me black borders/bars at the top and bottom.
    I can correct that with the horizontal top and bottom overscan.
    But some games have bigger black borders/bars than others.

    So for instance if I set top overscan to 8 for one game, another game could have a much lower overscan which results in screen cut off because of the overscan 8.
    Hopefully I explained this a little better now? :-)

  • N64 games have their own hardcoded letterboxing settings built into the games themselves. There will never be a single setting makes all your games fit the way you want them to.

  • @Panja Im going to go with @Thorr69 on this one.

    There were certain games that did this on purpose and im not sure if it was for increased FOV, or getting that widescreen effect on a 4:3 monitor but i recall one in particular on real hardware driving me naners back in the day. Perfect Dark and so i snapped this photo last night on my x86 build:PD.jpg

    There is actually an image size setting on my TV (TCL) which normal zooms in about an inch removing the bottom/top bars in most games however not all. I actually leave it on this most of the time for this build which is set per input so it doesnt effect the others...Though as you mentioned your over/underscan settings get the job done similarly.

  • @Thorr69 @Parabolaralus
    Ok, thanks for the help and info!

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