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Audio Error Message shuts down all Emulators

  • Solution Found: After all of this it turned out to be a simple controller reconfiguration so when I hit start it was exiting the emulator. Well, live and learn... However, errors still appear and sound still works.

    Please bear with me, as this is starting to drive me temporarily insane.

    Background: My friend was having issues on his TV where the audio would stop working in menus and emulators. We would hook it up to his other TV and had no issues with either. Hooked back up to main TV originally having issues...would work, and then stop working again....
    I did the tvservice -s command and his main TV showed DST. The other TV that had no issues was CEA, as is mine(CEA) that I'm using to fix this issue.

    The only changes I made to /boot/config.txt from within the Pi using sudo nano /boot/config.txt and saving was to add dtparam=audio=on. I had not noticed that there were 2 instances of that but saved it.
    Now audio still works fine, so I checked the config.txt file...deleted the dtparam=audio=on so there were not 2 instances of that line in the config file, saved.
    I also had tried to force HDMI out for audio, but set that back to auto.

    Current Status on my TV: I have sound on all menus, emulators start up with sounds(I can add coins to Final Burn Alpha for instance and hear sound), but any other action and all emulators crash with the following error messages(which flash on the screen for a second so I had to video and screen capture to read it...):
    ALSA lib control.c:1373:(snd_cH open noupdate) invalid CTL hdmi
    lv10: VolumeControl::init() Failed to attach to default card!

    It appears every time anything is loaded and during a crash at the top left of the screen. Any help or ideas is greatly appreciated!
    Currently I am updating everything and seeing if that somehow fixes it. (Updates did not fix issue...updated all packages and setup script...same error message/issues).

    Sidenote: I notice even though sound works in menus and emulators till I hit a button....when I hit start and select sound it is always at 0%. Is that normal, b/c it does not seem right to me?

    Raspberry Pi3 B+ Rev 1.3
    Mounted USB drive is what it runs off of.
    Powered by 2.5 amp AC I believe.

  • I had the same problem. The navigation sound work but with delay, i press bottom and the sound play 2 seconds later. The video screen saver is not heard. The volume control although it changes it stays at zero. But the sound in the games is good.
    I have tried all the options of "Audio Card" "Audio Device", but the only one I hear something is heard with a lot of lag.
    This happened to me after I had updated the Emulation Station. Before updating it worked fine.

    Is there any way to fix it?

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