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Bartop with nespi?

  • Hi
    i don't know do i still have to include my specs because all is running ok don't have any problem i have build it from scratch
    I'm preparing to build my bartop arcade and I'm currently using nespi case and I'm very happy with it
    i really love reset and safe power on/off and how they work
    i was wondering did any one has try to use electronics from that case to use it in bartop arcade and have use of that reset / safe on/off ???
    i have found topic on forum "Retroflag NESPi Case - Soft Power & Reset Hack" but that is like butchering cutting traces .... u cant really revert that back after
    i was more thinking about adding / soldering something adding wires and connecting extra switches?

  • @s3k4t0r Hi, the hack you mention is only for the nespi not the nespi+. The Difference is, that the original nespi has no soft shutdown. But the nespi+ has this feature.

  • Hi
    ok did not know that there was 2 cases
    i got this version + (nespi +) so for me all reset + safe on/off work
    is it possible just to remove this two buttons and run them on long cables mount them on front ?
    They got 6 pins on each buttons so i have to get 6 cables for each button? or some of them are dummy connections ?

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