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Raspberry Pi 4 : What are YOU going to do now?

  • With the major increase in specs all the way around, what are your plans for new projects for the new board? Anything the Pi 3 didn't quite do good enough or slightly out of reach? It seems this opens the door for a lot of things and I am curious if anyone has anything on the horizon now besides the excitement of better N64 emulation like me :)

  • I'm looking forward to the better NIC for my pi-hole. Emulation-wise any additional / better running systems would be the cat's pajamas for me as I just love trying out random games.

  • Once Retropie is available and stable on it, I'm interested to see how it works with newer versions of MAME, and will probably swap it into my bartop system in place of the Pi 3B+ that's currently in there.

  • For me it is getting new source ports to work and building a scriptmodule with releasing them for the RetroPie community including those that don't work on a Raspberry Pi 3B/3B+.

    I'm excited about OpenGLES 3.0 support, that the Raspberry Pi 4B will offer.

  • I'm curious to see how much better dosbox can perform on it. I mean loads of those games can run on a modern PC anyway but it's fun to get them onto the pi and experiment with which of those games can be played on a TV with a controller.

  • I'm keen on seeing if we can run any more recent CAVE games (Mushihimesama and more recent) though I'm not holding a lot of hopes yet as it's still all fairly recent.

    If we could play some of the early SEGA or NAMCO 3D games on MAME full speed (I'm thinking of Virtua Racing, Daytona, Sega Rally, Die Hard Arcade or LiberoGrande on Namco) that'd be awesome.

    Oh, and how could I forget I hold hopes that the better specs will mean that @MrLightgun 's project will play even better for NAOMI and PSX games (Time Crisis and Virtua Cop, I'm looking at you!).

  • @KN4THX I'm excited about how good you can play mame 2016 games

  • I already touched on my ideas in the initial Pi 4 thread, but just to recap, here's what I want to mess with first thanks to the Pi 4:

    • Dosbox with Windows 3.1
    • Modern MAME
    • PC-9801 with high clockspeed multipliers
    • Nintendo 64
    • Gnash
    • Source ports
    • Possibly trying out lr-Play? (though within reason of course)

  • Buy odroid N2, this is my option.

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    Maybe a pihole. When it shows up in a month ...

  • @herb_fargus I definitely recommend it. Makes browsing so much less cluttered.

  • @herb_fargus
    My brother has Pi-hole setup on his RPi3 and he loves it! He set it up so he can VPN into it from anywhere so he also doesn't have ads on his phone or laptop on the go. Also makes surfing the internet more secure while using open WiFi networks. He has a RPi4 on order to upgrade his Pi-hole but he hasn't received it yet.

    I'm going to wait a few more months before I pick one up in hopes that the firmware, drivers and software will be better optimized. I'm excited about trying more games from N64, DreamCast, PSX, PSP, PC-FX, DOSBox and MAME. I'm also curious if Sega Saturn, 3DO and Atari Jaguar will run better. Maybe even Dolphin will work so I can get some GameCube games running. I can dream.

    I will probably setup Pi-hole on my current RPi3b+ (unless I can score a 2nd RPi4 haha...I'm still dreaming).

  • Does pi-hole benefit from being on a pi4? I had read that you could set it up on an older model pi and it works fine. Is this not true? I have an old pi 2 laying around I was thinking about using.

  • @quicksilver
    I think the main benefit would be the gigabit Ethernet (you would probably be fine with using the 1GB RPi4 model). My brother is using the RPi3 (not the plus so 100 Mbps) and it works fine for him. I could also see it being beneficial having more power if you have it setup on a very larger network with many, many more end users.

  • @quicksilver You can run Pi-hole just fine on a Pi 0, 2, or 3. I have a spare Pi 3 running Pi-hole and a Pi Zero as the alternate and have zero issues with two dozen devices on my network for a few years now. DNS uses miniscule bandwidth, so 100MBit is more than adequate.

  • @KN4THX I am mostly interested in reducing input latency with optimized settings for 8 and 16 bit systems. Also I am excited about the improvements on newer MAME versions and off course the Nintendo 64. My current environment is an overclocked Pi3B.

  • The project I would love to do is....create a coffee table style arcade cabinet, but instead of one monitor set vertically, it would be two horizontally oriented 4:3 monitors, set with the top edges of each touching each other. So it would be a table where each gamer sat on different sides, and had a screen on the table facing them. I imagine the Pi 4 should be able to display (for example) duplicate Street Fighter screens. Each player would have their own screen.

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    @njscorpio I imagine you could do this also with a video splitter to duplicate the image to 2 screens.

  • @retrogamer1980 Any games in particular?

  • @njscorpio I remember going to my local Pizza Hut back int the 80s and playing/relaxing on a Pac man style table which was awesome for eating a slice between turns. I'd love to have the craftsman skills to build one of those.

    Edit: Just realized you are talking about two different screens. This would be a pretty sweet setup. I actually remember one of my early computer desks had a shelf down above your feet for the vet monitor to sit on so you looked down to play games or type and you could fold the desk opening down over it to create a full sized desk for schoolwork.

    @thelostsoul I havent done much with my Pi due to school this term but have been reading up on the latency and run ahead and am quite excited to see how this all works!

    @herb_fargus Does the Pi Hole cause any issues with website viewing? I know with traditional ad blocking software I used to run into issues where the site wouldn't load because I blocked the advertisement.

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