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Player 1 START button not working IN GAME - CPS1

  • Hello all,
    I just set up my retro pie with my prototype arcade buttons. I have 6 +start select and joystick on a USB encoder.
    I mapped the buttons on the inital config just fine, and the buttons for player 1 and 2 are identical. But the strange issue I have is in all CPS1 games on the mame2003 emulator load, and player 1 start button stops working. I have to play any game in 2 player mode since the 2nd player start button is the only one that actually works while in game.
    The strangest thing is, the start button works just fine in the main menus of emulationstation. ALSO, it works just fine in CPS2 games ALSO running under Mame2003.

    What could be the deal? I don't know where to look.

  • @ddallman said in Player 1 START button not working IN GAME - CPS1:

    What could be the deal?

    If the start button works everywhere except the cps1 games, i would expect the issue to be in mame2003's cps1 emulation ? However i don't think you'll get support for this emulator, using mame2003-plus or FBNeo is highly recommended nowaday. Also, FBNeo is supposed to provide the best experience with cps1/cps2 in terms of accuracy and input lag.

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