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  • Hey guys, let me start by saying I'm new to this. I have a canakit raspberry pi 3 b set up to a computer monitor and 2 players each with a joystick and 6 button controller, plus start and select buttons and running retropie 4.5. I have it all configured to work properly, except for certain games. I'm trying to run mortal kombat and similar fighting games but I can't get the controls set up to fight properly. I can get into the controller configure screen by pressing select + x but that all looks like jibberish to me. Can anyone direct me on what means what in that screen? Thanks!

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    See this part from the docs explaining how to remap controls per game/core.

  • @mitu I understand that part and have tried that. The issue I'm having is what button does what once I'm in to configure them,this screen.nta3mzc0nmml.png

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    @randallwoodworks On the right you have the SNES (virtual) controller buttons, on the left you have the Gamepad/Keyboard inputs. Your screenshot shows the SNES core mapping, so it might be different for arcade games, because each cabinet might have a different set of buttons.

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