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Help configuring old school Atari 2600 and Wico joysticks...

  • I need some help with the controllers for the Atari 8bit and 2600, please.


    • I am running retropie with retroarch to emulate Atari 2600 and Atari8bit.
    • I am using a USB adapter from RetroUSB to connect my old school Atari 2600 joysticks and Wico stick.
    • I also have an xbox controller and keyboard connected.
    • I have successfully configured the Atari Joystick in Retropie. I configured D-Up/Down/Left/Right and button B to the atari joystick. I skipped the rest of the buttons.
    • I went into the RetroPie config and made sure the Atari joystick was set as Player 1 in the Atari 2600 and 800 emu settings.

    I cannot figure out how to map the extra buttons I need for the 2600 (difficulty, start, reset) and the 800 (option, select, start). Should those be mapped to the keyboard? How do I do that? In the emulator settings, I cannot seem to map any commands to the keyboard.

    What is the ideal way to use the old school joysticks but still have the extra buttons mapped (ie, hotkey, emu specific buttons, etc)?


  • UPDATE: Not sure how it happened, but the keyboard was no longer "configured" in retropie. So I re-configured it as a controller... and now my keyboard is working for both the Atari2600 and 800. I am able to use the old school joysticks for gameplay, with the keyboard for the extra buttons.

    So to tweak my question... for those of you using older joysticks with limited buttons, what's your favorite way to handle those extra buttons for emulators that need it?

    • Use the keyboard and label those weird buttons (like Option, difficulty, etc) so others can play without you babysitting?
    • I saw someone solder buttons onto the atari joystick to handle those extra 2600 buttons - that seems aggressive!
    • I was thinking of a small, wireless keypad (like this: that I can label to make it easy for others.


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