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Quake 2 and Rayman 2 PSX

  • Hi!
    I'm Having trouble to play Quake 2 and Rayman 2 for the playstation.
    Both games start ok, but after some gameplay, about 10 - 15 minutes the game crashes and goes to the game list selection on retropie menu.
    I'm using Lr-Pcsx- ReARMed 1.7.6 r22.

    I have instaled retropie 4.4.0 on a 32gb SD card, raspberry pi 3b+ with the official power supply and I'm using a dualshock 4.

    Does anyone have the same problem? Is there any solution?

  • @GrixSilva
    Which 32gb SD card exactly?
    Do you have the bios file in the bios folder?

  • @Brigane
    Yes, I forgot to mention, I have SCPH101.BIN in the bios folder.
    The SD card is a MicroSD HC i 32gb, I dont know if it is relevant, but it has the number 10 inside of a little circle.
    I'm sorry, but I don´t know which brand is, it only says MicroSD TM.

  • I got this same problem on Quake 2, when I used lr-pcsxrearmed on my RPi2 to play this game. After a few minutes playing campaign mode, the game crashes.

    However, it's worth to mention that Quake 2 was the only game I got this problem. Other games worked just fine, and I could even beat them on my RPi2. The games I've played until the end are: Crash Bandicoot, Tomb Raider 5, Castlevania Symphony of the Night (japanese version), Megaman 8, Megaman X4 and Megaman X5.

    Assuming I got the crash only on Quake 2, my guess is that it's a bug in the emulator itself, and not in your device or your microSD card. So, the best approach is to report those bugs directly on Libretro's PCSX-ReARMed github repository. There's even an issue where someone reported a crash on Rayman 2.

    I've even recently reported a bug there, which allowed to use analog controls on Quake 2 when trying to play the game on splitscreen multiplayer deathmatch. Hopefully, the developers of this emulator will fix those crashes in the future, since those bugs are properly reported there.

    Another solution for Quake 2 would be trying to play the N64 version of the game on lr-mupen64plus. That version is smaller in filesize, is much more similar to the PC version, has better analog controls and you can play it on multiplayer splitscreen deathmatch too.

  • @GrixSilva Why not playing the PC version of Quake 2 on the Pi? It works just fine.

  • @Solid-One

    I also thought it might be a bug in the emulator, but I was just hoping someone would have a solution.
    Perhaps, the best I can do is to report the problem on Libretro's Pcsx rearmed github repository as you said and hopefully in the future there will be a fix.
    I would like to try the n64 version, it's a different experience, diferent level design and soundtrack, but N64 emulation on the PI isn't the best thing yet.
    Thank you for your help! :)

  • @thestarglider
    Some time ago, I beat the PC version, this time I would like to try the psx vesrion, theres a little difference on the level design and the soundtrack.
    But there must be somebody to test the games to see if there are any problems, so we can report bugs and help the emulator team to improve their emulators xD
    With that in mind, there should be a compatibility list for games for retroarch, if anyone knows about any list, let me know xD

  • @GrixSilva I've tested a few N64 games on my RPi2 and some of them runs pretty fine. I was able to play games such as Mario Kart 64, Duke Nukem Zero Hour, Forsaken 64 and F-Zero 64. All of them run with no slowdowns, although I've overclocked a bit my RPi2, since I have cooler and a few heatsinks on it.

    I've tested the N64 version of Quake 2 too, but I got a slowdown during gameplays even with my device being overclocked. However, that test was done 1~2 years ago, and maybe there's the possibility the game runs better now, since the N64 emulators got some pretty nice updates since then.

    Besides, you have a RPi3 there, with a better processor, so you got more horsepower to run heavier games and emulators. I recommend you to try N64 emulation on your device, because at least you'll get better results than me.

  • I found that PS1 Quake 2 did crash occasionally when loading new areas but I was able to finish it just by taking a save state as a precaution before the end of a level. The crashes occurred intermittently.
    Best version of Quake 2 in my opinion.

  • @Solid-One
    I tested N64 version and there was some slowdown, however my raspberry pi is not overclocked.
    Maybe someday I'll overclock my PI and , who knows, Quake 2 would play fine, but that's not for now

    Thank you for your help!

  • @pi2user
    I heard someone saying the same, so I would like to try this version.
    It's a shame, the only way to play this game is to use save states.
    At least now I know it's possible to finish the game! :P

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