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EmulationStation - Removed favorite does not get saved

  • I noticed that removing the favorite flag from a game does not get saved sometimes.

    Steps to reproduce:

    I have this N64 gamelist. "test2" is in favorites.

    vbs@ubuntu:~/.emulationstation/gamelists/n64$ cat gamelist.xml 
    <?xml version="1.0"?>

    Then I go to the N64 screen in EmulationStation, select "Test2" and press X. The message "Removed Test2 from favorites" appears,

    Then I quit ES but the gamelist.xml is not altered and "Test2" is therefore is still in favorites when starting ES again.

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    Please add more info about your system, as requested in

    Are the gamelist file permissions ok ? Is it owned and it's writable by the pi user (assuming you're using a Raspberry PI) ?

  • @mitu
    I am on Ubuntu 18.04 x64, file permissions should be ok. Saving usually works.

    I looked into the code and I am pretty sure the problem is this code in Gamelist.cpp:220:

    		// check if current file has metadata, if no, skip it as it wont be in the gamelist anyway.
    		if ((*fit)->metadata.isDefault()) {

    I wanted to go to Github with this but issues need to be verified on forum first (says Github). Could you please try to verify with the steps I posted above?

  • Can you add or remove other games from Favorites and they're saved?

  • Yes, other games are fine. I am quite sure it's a bug and proposing a fix here:

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