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SkyScraper OMX Player not available ?!

  • Hello everyone :)

    I followed this

    for the video scraping but I do not have the OMX Player in RetroPie Ubuntu version (see the video at 4'50 '') ?

    I think this tutorial is for RetroPie version Raspberry no ? How to have video thumbnails ?


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    omxplayer it's only available on a Raspberry Pi, on a PC the built-in (VLC) video player is more than enough.

  • Ok thanks for the answer but how do we proceed ?

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    @Sebiohazard said in SkyScraper OMX Player not available ?!:

    Ok thanks for the answer but how do we proceed ?

    If you have videos scraped in your gamelist and the Emulationstation theme supports videos, then that's it - the videos should be played automatically. If they're not, then check in the Emulationstation settings if the option Gamelist View Style is set to video or automatic.

  • Ok thank you & where are the videos ? There is a specialized site ?

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    There is more than 1 site that have video previews, you'll need a scraper to get those, unless you want to download them manually and modify the gamelist.xml files by hand -
    The video you linked shows how to get the video files - didn't you watch it ?

  • OK thank you yes I watched the video but as I do not understand English ... I use Google Translate to write you sorry ...

    Thanks best regards :)

  • Good evening everyone

    I have a .mp4 file created by Skraper I put it in


    but it does not work... missing a file ?

    I am under Linux Mint not with a Raspberry thanks greetings :)

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    Just copying the file there doesn't make it automatically appear in Emulationstation. You need to modify the MegaDrive gamelist.xml file and add a <video> tag to the game entry for which you want the video to show, putting the full path to the video file in that video tag.

  • Okay thank you very much I will try :)

  • @Sebiohazard
    You could also try the Skraper Application for videos, or even scraping & gamelist in general:

    I use their application all the time for scraping and it offers a lot of customisation options; it's also available in multiple languages. I took some time to understand it well at first, but after that it's really easy to use.
    Cheers & good luck!

  • @Wookums Hello thank you yes I use Sraper but unfortunately it does not work with RetroPie Ubuntu or Mint... only with the version for Raspberry...

    @mitu Hello if I add the video tag I have to remove the image tag or can I leave it ? Which one will be a priority ?

    Thank you

  • @Sebiohazard Ah ok.

    As far as the media question, the theme configuration file(s) will pick what media it uses, so you're safe to include all the gamelist supported tags that you want.

    Most of the time with themes, in [Detailed] view it will show <image> and possibly <marquee>, but when using [Video] gamelist view, it will show <image> for 0-3 seconds then it will be replaced with <video>, so you can add whatever supported tags & media you want and the theme itself will determine which one it uses.

    (I've seen some themes that only use <video> in video mode so it will show an empty box if there is no video, but other themes will use <image> in place of <video> if the video file is missing, so it's a good idea to have both <image> and <video> )

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