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Skyscraper Not scraping some folders for Amiga games

  • Hi

    I am having a current issue with Skyscraper 3.2.8 scraping amiga games.
    I am using Retropie 4.4.14

    I have current amiga games in folders in alphabetical order eg A B C D E etc

    I run skyscraper and it appears to detect all the files and starts scraping ok.

    When it is finished it appears to have missed whole folders eg it will scrape A folder and B but not C folder.

    I performed a test where i moved all C file to a separate folder called amiga under C.
    I edited the input folder in config.ini and ran skyscraper.
    It then detected the C files and ran ok.

    My question is can I scrape a single folder without having to create an amiga folder under it?
    So can I specify the exact folder to scrape.

    Also has anyone come across this issue.



  • Global Moderator

    Hm, looks more like a throttling issue - the scraping is somehow interrupted by the source site somewhere and the rest of the games are not scraped.
    What happens if you re-run the scraper ? Are you using the --refresh option all the time ? this would make Skyscraper re-scrape your already scraped games, ignoring its cached data.

  • @mitu Hi I have not tried the --refresh option.
    Do you know if this is available in the config.ini? I am running skyscraper through retropie through the UI.
    I am currently doing a full scrape again and will try this option after this completes.

    Regards Jimi

  • Global Moderator

    @Jimi007 Actually I'm suggesting to not use this option, since it makes Skyscraper re-scrape already scraped games. What source of scraping are you using ?

  • @mitu I am using Screenscraper as the source and have an account.
    I heard open retro database is good for amiga games but I prefer the images in screenscraper.

  • Could be a throttling issue. I have decided to move the amiga games one folder at a time into the roms folder.
    So I will scrape all games beginning with A in the roms folder.
    I'll then do the same with B etc and create a number of gamelist.xmls
    I'l then do a merge of the gamelist.xmls and edit it to point to the correct folders.

    A bit of work but it should hopefully do the trick rather than scraping all at once in different folders.


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