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Amiberry CD32 Optimal File Formats

  • Hi

    I've got a few CD32 games stored in folders containing a CUE an ISO and several WAV files. Is there a better way to organise them? Ideally I'd like to store than as one or two files maximum.

    I tried merging the ISO and WAV files into a single ISO file with ImgBurn (Windows 10) but that just stopped the game working.

    I know WHDLoad files are single LHZ files and that would be my preferred method of storage. Unfortunately all of these games I have as CUE/ISO/WAVs either do not run on my setup as WHDLoad files or are not available as WHDLoad files.

    Please share any ideas you have.

  • I found a solution. I mounted the CUE file to a virtual drive using Deamon Tools lite then created a CUE/BIN file from that using ImgBurn.

  • This isn't foolproof, some games don't like the change. Pinball Illusions, Pinball Fantasies, Fire & Ice and Skidmarks 2 all work fine. So long as the CUE file has CD32 at the end of the filename they boot and auto setup the CD32 pad.

    Seek and Destroy and Alien Breed 3D will not boot in this format, instead they bring up the 'Cats Eyes' BIOS screen. I'm totally lost as to why as the other four CD32 games work fine so the BIOS clearly cannot be the issue.

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