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Donkey Kong Spooky Remix in Retropie?

  • @JimNeatface said in Donkey Kong Spooky Remix in Retropie?:

    oops, my bad - I figured as someone else had alrteady done the work they'd have passed it to you. but it's here:
    Ive never made it off the first stage anyway :D :D :D

    "This hack is just that - it plays level 5 and up spring stages only."

    Doesn't look like an interesting hack to me.

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    @barbudreadmon it's basically the same thing as Crazy barrels but for the elevator screen instead of screen 1. I find it more interesting because it's harder and you don't have 6 lives so every game doesn't last >10 minutes but each to their own I guess :)

    if you want interesting have you seen Pacman after Dark (pmad)? no maze walls so when you eat the dots you have to remember where the maze is. Or Mr Do Nightmare (mrdonm) which turns Mr do into a completely new original game.

    Would be a lot less hassle if someone just ported HBmame :D :D

  • @Riverstorm said in Donkey Kong Spooky Remix in Retropie?:

    @barbudreadmon - Yeah I don't think those hacks would ever be added to mame2003-plus. I know they had lengthy conversation at one point on the pros and cons of adding hacks and I think the consensus was to not to add hacks but stick with official ROMs.

    Well we tended to feel hacks were only worth adding if they offered something substantial over and above the original games, hence Donkey Kong II Jumpman Returns is supported as it featured all new levels, i have the full dump of Donkey Kong Remix which i would add support for once the problems around the game hanging on the menu screen are sorted which may require we read out the MCU firstly.

    Personally i have no interest in adding all these hacks to the MAME2003 Plus core nor due to the huge workload required am i even going to attempt to backport the colour fixes for Donkey Kong from the later MAME cores.

    From what i can tell most folks are not all that fussed about the colours being slightly incorrect anyhow i know im not :)

  • @bparker With the revival of retrogaming and the fact that Ms Pacman gets ported to every new console system at some stage, I imagine GCC would still be receiving fairly reasonable royalties from Bandai Namco (and good on them too). It's definitely not in their commercial interests for their original 1981 version of Crazy Otto to make it out "into the wild".

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    @spud11 The crossover between Retropie users and people who would otherwise buy a new port of Ms Pac-Man is basically zero.

  • @SpudsMcToole Or not, i'm buying old games on recent consoles from time to time, games i could emulate otherwise, last one was "collection of mana" on switch, and i already owned the original cartridges.

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    @barbudreadmon That's my point. The fact that you could emulate it didn't stop you buying the legit product, multiple times.

  • @JimNeatface There is a difference between the Crazy barrels and the Spring stages.

    Crazy barrels has the barrel stage repeated over and over, but starting with the highest difficulty level of the original and increasing the difficulty level even more. It also throws far more wild barrels than the original. It is way more difficult than the original barrel stages. That is the reason for the 6 lives.

    Spring stages has the spring stage repeated over and over at the highest difficulty, but it is functionally exactly the same as the original. It has value as a trainer for Donkey Kong. This is the stage that many find very difficult and this hack makes it possible to practice it over and over again.

    If it is not supported by lr-fbneo I will add support myself because I would love to be able to play it on my bartop arcade.

  • @bluesparkle the spring-only hack seems like something you could sort out by using cheats/savestates though ? Not sure there is much value in adding a hack that doesn't add anything new to the original game.

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    @bluesparkle that's interesting - I thought it was just all the spring stages in sequence starting from a high levle, not the same one over and over. it does seem like it would be easierand quicker to use a savestate in that case.

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