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  • Hello,

    I know there is already a Switch Theme made by @lilbud but I'd like to share my alternate idea of the theme (maybe we could collaborate on it) and maybe find someone to help me with the grid view because I struggle on this part, the theme is almost done otherwise!

    Here is the different views:

    • Home


    • Grid view (banners taken from the SteamGridDB website)


    • Settings view


    • Splashscreen


    • Loading screen (Link's Awakening inspired)


  • First off, my reaction to getting a notification on the retropie forum

    I gotta say, that looks incredible. Are those mockups in photoshop or actually running on the raspberry pi through ES?

    I can help with understanding my code and design decisions. Lemme know what would work best for you. (Discord is best because I'm on there for school clubs almost all day.)

  • @lilbud Great! Some are mockups but I managed to recreate everything (well the carousel has transparency in reality) and the settings is a seperate thing but I know it is feasable.

    Anyway great! Here is my Discord tag: Malixx#6967 :)

  • @Malixx great work this.

    Grid view - Currently there is no option to add marquee/video tags to the grid view code (I'm guessing that is a video snap on the right hand side of the grid?)

    Your mockup of the grid is fine to create and so is the information tags (number of players, genre etc), but like I say not possible to have the <video> or <marquee> tag currently with the grid view.

    Hope this helps.

  • @paffley Oh thanks I was wondering if I could put a video in grid view because I saw this video:

    Can we at least put a simple screenshot?

  • @Malixx I believe that was @A12C4 that was working on the grid view back then (from that vid, his WIP build), not sure if he's working on it anymore as @jdrassa is currently updating the grid view with some cool new features :). I believe it has been requested previously so I think it will be implemented in the future but for now, its not possible to add extra video/marquee outside or inside the grid view.

    You can see what 'can' be implemented inside the grid view here -

    You can see some git updates here -

    You can also see some info/updates on my post here -

    Hope this helps :)

  • This looks incredible. I love the work on this.

    Are there any other themes that use grid view currently?

    Also thinking but could this work on a gpi? Grid views work on a mobile phone, so I don't see why not, but It will be interesting to see how this progresses.

  • @Jste84 Thank you! I haven't seen much grid view theme, I made this one back then but it's for small screens:

  • Is it possible for us to have the demo of the theme for testing. Thanks ;)

  • Wow, I really like the grid layout! Having each game represented by an image looks really good, though I'm wondering how we'll be able to fill those out in the end. Wouldn't they need to be custom made, or would they be scrapable from a source?

    The current Switch theme is really nice, but I think this lays out game information a lot better by keeping everything aligned in the center. The two tones used to differentiate rows of information is another great choice. This looks really clean.

    I do think I prefer the look of the main menu in the current Switch theme, though. It's a bit more clean by not having the "games available" icon or the top row of information. I also like its system icons a bit more, although I think you did an amazing job recreating the Switch's NES icon for the Genesis. That said, I think this looks more accurate to the Switch, so you're nailing what you're going for.

    Really hope there's some support for custom categories in this. I tend to make use of those a lot, and unfortunately too many themes don't support them, giving that tab a inconsistent look with the rest of the theme. But right now this looks like someone I would want to switch over to, been on the Carbon theme too long.

  • @Malixx @lilbud if you work together your Switch theme would be the best theme in Emulationstation so far, I can not wait to see the final results!

  • @juju6725 @sergioad I wish we could work on it, but it is complicated for now, sorry :(

    @Weatherby Thanks man! There is an API for the SteamGridViewDB so it could be scrapable (but only the image because they don't store details on games) so I guess you should do it by hand

  • @Malixx said in [WIP] Switch Grid Theme:

    @Weatherby Thanks man! There is an API for the SteamGridViewDB so it could be scrapable (but only the image because they don't store details on games) so I guess you should do it by hand

    Had no idea SteamGridDB was a thing, but that's pretty awesome. I wouldn't mind manually adding marquee information if it came to that, would definitely be easier than photoshopping an image for each game, so it's good there's a resource to handle that.

    Looking forward to this!

  • Hi, On the GRID view, I am trying to decrease the gap between the game covers but without luck. Can someone please tell me how I can reduce the gap/space between the game images while also making those images a bigger size?

  • Hi @Malixx, any update on when you are releasing this? I sooo badly want to make this theme my default, amazing work!

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