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IPAC2 Not Mapping as Expected

  • My layout is like this for both player one and player 2

    Start    Coin
                      SW1    SW2    SW3
                      SW5    SW6    SW7

    I read the guide from here about setting up an iPAC, but didn't want to mess with remapping the default iPAC2 keys and only have a 6 button layout, so I skipped the fourth button on each row (hence skipping SW4). I mapped it in EmulationStation as follows:

    Start    Select
                      Y   X   L1
                      B   A   R1

    I have my A/B buttons swapped, so the first bottom button selects (SW5) and the next (SW6) backs out. This layout works well for Atari and Playstation and NES/SNES games, but Megadrive wants to map A B and C to Y B and A, putting my buttons on two rows. I tried a custom cfg for mapping the buttons A B and C to B (SW5) A (SW6) and R1 (SW7) but when I go to play the game, only Y (SW1) and B (SW5) work, and they are buttons B and C on the Genesis, leaving out button A being mapped.

    I am so confused on how to map what buttons where. And I haven't even gotten to custom ROMs with my arcade games. All more cores are lr cores. All arcade games are being ran through lr-mame2003 for simplicity (not FBA.)

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    Use the Core input remapping from RetroArch and re-map your input the way you want just for the MD core -

  • Thank. God. That was so much easier (though I still confused myself.) At least doing it that way I can test it in the game and change it on the fly if it wasn't right. Megadrive/Genesis is mapped correctly, so now I just need to work on the MAME games themselves (which I can save per game config instread of per core.)

    Thank you so much!

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