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"advmame.rc" where is this file so I can locate and modify it !? raspberry Pi 3b+ Marble Madness Specific

  • How do I do this in advmame ? I'm confused as to where to input this text:

    marble/input_map[p1_trackballx] mouse[1,x] -mouse[1,y]
    marble/input_map[p1_trackbally] mouse[1,x] mouse[1,y]
    marble/input_map[p2_trackballx] mouse[0,x] -mouse[0,y]
    marble/input_map[p2_trackbally] mouse[0,x] mouse[0,y]

    "advmame.rc" where is this file so I can locate and modify it using notepad++ and WinSCP ?!

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    The file is in the /opt/retropie/configs/mame-advmame folder if you're using WinSCP or \\retropie\configs\mame-advmame is you're using file shares (Samba).

  • THANKS!~ I couldn't find it because it was never created before!! now that I launched my first rom "Marble Madness" specifically it created that file... thus why I couldn't find it... now my question is does it matter where I place in the above text within the " advmame.rc" file ? top, middle bottom etc....

    The text within that file looks like this.....

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    @Romstar Add it at the end of the file, so you can find it more easily. And please use (or a similar service) when posting large configuration files/logs/etc.

  • @mitu

    Tried placing it at the bottom initially. It did not resolve my issues. It made no changes. I'm looking to essentially rotate the trackball via software which was resolved in another thread here:

    it's exclusively and specifically for Marble Madness (single load rom)... Now I placed it into this area to see if it works. ... testing now......

    placed in here:
    input_map[p1_trackball_right] auto
    input_map[p1_trackball_up] auto
    marble/input_map[p1_trackballx] mouse[1,x] -mouse[1,y]
    marble/input_map[p1_trackbally] mouse[1,x] mouse[1,y]

    input_map[p1_up] auto
    input_map[p2_button10] auto
    input_map[p2_button1] auto

    & here....

    input_map[p2_trackball_right] auto
    input_map[p2_trackball_up] auto
    marble/input_map[p2_trackballx] mouse[0,x] -mouse[0,y]
    marble/input_map[p2_trackbally] mouse[0,x] mouse[0,y]

    input_map[p2_up] auto
    input_map[p3_button10] auto
    input_map[p3_button1] auto

    To note, the trackballs both work but still having the issue the balls red/blue marbles aren't rolling in the right / proper directions because the trackballs are mounted at a 45 degree angle which I'm using an original Marble Madness control panel. Atari had the trackballs mounted this way on purpose I'm sure. Either way it was resolved in another thread I'm really close !!!

  • @Romstar

    Just when I thought I was making progress... This caused an issue where TAB is no longer working in ADVMAME, even using an actual keyboard wasn't able to add coins ("5" wasn't able to hit player 1 start "1" on keyboard etc) it froze / crashed went to a black screen of death showing this :

    map: vt02 =>fb0

  • @Romstar

    Advance MAME seems to have of corrected ? / modified my own file / now TAB is working again , however still can't rotate the HAPP trackball to have down as down up as up left as left and right as right. I'm using Advance Mame 1.4, retropi, raspberry pi 3b+, Again this thread was recommended to resolve my issue within the specific game Marble Madness. These are within the recommended added text to "advmame.rc" file: below shows my modification I did to advmame, unfortinately my trackball / marbles in marble madness are going in the wrong direction. I'm using an optipac from ultimarc, I created my own molex connector from the Happ trackballs which go into the ultimarc OptiPac.... The following:

    5v - red
    Ground - black
    X1 - Green
    X2 - Yellow
    y1 - Blue
    y2 - Purple

    <iframe src="" style="border:none;width:100%"></iframe>

  • @Romstar An update on this the game is working / Marbles are rolling as it should!!! FIXED that with physically swapping the GreenX1 & Yellow X2 respectively for both players on the Ultimarc Opti-Pac. However the Opti-Pac Designed from ultimarc doesn't work with their software so I can't reflash the inputs that aren't being utilized. On the bottom of the Opti-Pac is "Left" & "Right" buttons / or rather left click right click on a mouse... which is fine, but NO INPUTS for Coin ! This is how I have it wired in case any one else is using the same setup:

    5v - RED
    Ground - BLACK

    Blue trackball even though considered player one on the left (*Intentionally goes to the P2 side of the Opti-PAC)

    P2 X1 - Yellow
    P2 X2 - Green
    P2 Y1 - Blue
    P2 Y2 - Purple

    Red trackball (*Intentionally goes to the P1 side of the Opti-PAC)

    P1 X1 - Yellow
    P1 X2 - Green
    P1 Y1 - Blue
    P1 Y2 - Purple

    Left P1 - Player 1 Start
    Right P2 - Player 2 Start

    (*also to note the original Marble Madness control panel the notches in the trackball face the bend / curve towards the front of the player, where as the flat end underneath on the trackballs face going away / the monitor.)

    Still no way to hook up 5 "coin" as of now ... In theory I can daisy chain it to a start button but that would be on FREE-Play which I don't want. So CLOSE to getting this the way I need it to be!

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