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Help me work out how to transfer files to Zero W fast

  • I decided to do a 128 gig sd card as just got a GPI case, Had a nightmare trying to get it to work as stupidly assumed I could use a regular phone charge cable and make the GPI show up as a mountable device in windows.

    Used Ubuntu itself which lets me access card and contents but won't let me write onto it just read.

    Tried wifi but would of taken 18 hours

    Eventually I installed a partition tool for Windows that lets me access the sd card and write to it, problem is the structure, it doesn't show me the actual folders to write to, i.e bios, roms etc so I have copied over the files to a different directory hoping I can use my mini usb keyboard (I have an adaptor) to connect to.

    Is there a better way? I know about SSH as use that for my regular pi 3 and 4's but as I downloaded a custom (without roms) image the default SSH was changed!

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    Ubuntu should be able to write the the SD card, the problem might be the user rights - your Ubuntu user might not be able to write to the pi's user folder to copy the file. You can use the root user on your Ubuntu to transfer the files and then use the RetroPie-Setup option to reset the permissions for your ROM folders.

  • Forgot to say thanks, got it working back then but doing so again as got a higher capacity micro sd.

  • @suikodentir Care to share how exactly? It may help others in the future.

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