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  • Hardware: Raspberry Pi 3 b+
    PSU: official power supply
    Version: RetroPie 4.5
    Pre made SD Image from official Website
    USB: Keyboard (arcade buttons/ joysticks in future)
    Guide: Arcade/MAME on github
    Emulator: MAME 2003

    im trying to setup an arcade machine and all the games that i put in the arcade folder run fine. With one issue they do all share: they already have highscores... the highscores vary between 10.000 and 50.000 (but always "smooth" numbers). There were no .hi files anywhere and even a highscore reset function in the mame service mode of some games didnt change anything. i dont know if mame is saving anything at all, because i wasnt able to beat one of the preset highscores. But some games did create a .hi file after playing for the first time so i think my only problem are these preset highscores.

    i hope i didnt make too many mistakes, as im not a native speaker
    would be great if somebody could help me, because beating highscores is what its all about, isnt it ? ;D

    i found one game (mspacman) that doesnt have a preset highscore and is saving my highscore how its supposed to be. So the emulator itself isnt the problem... but a way to reset the highscore would still be great for all the other games...

  • 99% of arcade ROMs, that I have, came with default high scores and data to beat (such as the developers names or the company name). I am able to replace these scores and things save as they should, but they all have "default" scores instead of all having blank lists. Unless I'm misunderstanding the situation, your experience is normal. This is how it should be. You just have to score high enough to get on the list. "Resetting" the high scores would erase your information and go back to the default random data provided by the developers.

    Some emulator and ROM combinations don't ever save scores in my experience (such as FBNeo and any ROM in my setup). I have great luck with any libretro core. (lr-??? emulators)

  • sounds normal to me, most games come with a default hi-score like @Jonas5746 said. Reseting them just results in it going back to the default hi scores.

    I had issues with lr-mame2003 a long time ago and scores not actually being saved, and I loaded a different highscore.dat file which fixed it. Not sure if thats still a problem anymore. I only use advmame now.

    This was the site I grabbed the dat from

  • A lot of Highscores are preset by the developer, some even are named by persons, known characters ("bub", "bob") or companies "KON", "AMI", "IGS" and so on.
    They are harcoded in the rom-data, you cannot "reset" them.

  • @Jonas5746 mspacman is the oddball for not having hardcoded hiscores

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