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OrangePi PC Plus - USB Rom issue - hope you can help

  • Hey folks, I've looked through the forums with specific searches but I can't seem to find a topic that gives me any help (not necessarily the answer as I'm here to learn).

    Basically I am used to Retropie on the Raspberry range of boards, but I had an Orange Pi PC Plus gifted me and wanted to have a tinker.

    When I place a fat32 formatted usb thumb drive into the Orange Pi, the same doesn't happen as when I do it with the Raspberry Pi. It doesnt create the folder list for roms like the Raspberry Pi does, in fact it does nothing at all.

    I have tried the following:

    1. create 'retropie-mount' in the root of the USB, inserted etc, no joy.
    2. create 'retropie' in the root of the USB, inserted, same result.

    I couldn't even see the USB roms option in the setup menu, only samba shares. The Orange Pi PC Plus doesn't have WiFi so i wont be using samba.

    Ive searched for this on g o o g l e but i keep getting the same result; the 'automatic' method which simply isnt working.

    Hopefully one of you guys or gals has some advice I can use?

    Many thanks,

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    @duke2k7 We don't support this board. It's not running official retropie.

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    You could try lakka

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