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  • Hi,

    I've been trying to get RetroPie working correctly for a month now - dozens of hours spent on it - and I have a version working currently, but the network is bad. The WiFi fails with lots of "brcmf_do_escan: error" in dmesg (and lots of other "brcmf" related errors), and eventually, the wired Ethernet fails too. But it works fine in regular Raspbian installations - I verified with two different SD cards on the same Raspberry Pi, so it's a problem with the RetroPie image on my Pi.

    Anyway, I can't fix the network problem in RetroPie, so I'd like to install Raspbian and manually install RetroPie. Yesterday, I failed to install RetroPie on a solid version of Jessie using this manual:

    I'm guessing that the Jessie version that I used was incompatible.

    This manual says that I can download Raspbian from the official site:

    ... which currently has Raspbian Buster as the latest download:
    Version:September 2019
    Release date:2019-09-26
    Kernel version:4.19

    Can I install RetroPie (RetroPie is v4.5.1 – released July 17, 2019) on Buster?
    Or am I going to run into the same trouble I had installing it on Jessie?
    Is there a "best version" of Raspbian that I should use?

    Pi Model 3; 4A USB Power Supply; USB Devices: Mini-Pac, Keyboard; Custom Controller w Mini-Pac;

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    @benret Raspbian Jessie is no longer supported - I think you get a nice message about that when you try to run the RetroPie-Setup script.

    Installation on Buster hasn't been 100% vetted, but most bits should work - support for it will probably be part of the RetroPie release that supports the Pi4.

    For now, using Raspbian Stretch will give you the best supported Raspbian version for RetroPie.

    RetroPie though uses Raspbian Lite underneath, with very little changes added to the system. As far as wireless/networking goes, there's literally no change from a stock Raspbian Lite installation.

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