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My content doesn't show up until I restart emulation station?

  • On an Atomic Pi running Lubuntu 19.04. OS is installed onto the onboard storage of the Pi. Retropie is installed to the onboard partition. There is a copy of the entire Retropie folder on an sd card (for extra stroage space).. The config file for emulation station is pointing to the roms folder (for each emulator/core that I'm using) in the Retropie folder that's on my sd card (not on my onboard storage).

    When my system is turned on and starts up, emulation station starts up with it and loads automatically.. For whatever reason, when it starts, none of my content is there.. However, if I go to quit and restart emulation station, everything shows up.. I have to do this every time I turn my arcade machine on.

    My assumption is that this is happening because emulation station is starting before Lubuntu has a chance to mount (or at least fully mount) my sd card? Could this be a possibility? Or is there something else going on here?

  • @Iconoclast12 Yes it sounds like you possibly need a boot delay. How to do that is out of my wheelhouse though. Lets see if others can chime in with some info on how to do it.

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    I think @quicksilver might be right. On the PC, the actual start-up is done via $HOME/.config/autostart/retropie.desktop. Modify it and add a delay before emulationstation starts

    [Desktop Entry]
    Exec=gnome-terminal --full-screen --hide-menubar -e "sleep 5 && emulationstation"

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