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  • Hello all,

    I have a bartop arcade I've made and all is running fine. My only gripe is that the monitor I've used fills to the edges and leave no room for me to put a vinyl/sticker bezel on the outside.

    In retroarch settings I want to keep the aspect ratio as core provided as that works great for the vertical he's like 1942 etc. If I do custom values then all those games stretch!

    Is there a way to keep the settings as core provided bit to just reduce the size of the screen as a whole? I wondered if there were such settings on the actual monitor? If so can this be altered in any settings within retropie??

    Hope all this makes sense? Any help much appreciated..

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    @jamietuley You didn't mention what monitor you are using - is it a 4:3/19:6/18:10/5:4 monitor ?
    You can play with the resolution as long as you keep the 'aspect ration: core provided' to 'On' and set 'Integer scaling' to 'On' also, this should preserve the image aspect ration and the scaling should prevent stretching.

  • @mitu thanks for getting back to me..

    The dell monitor im using is 5:4. I have gaps in the cabinet on the left and right sides (which is good for bezel) but just nothing top and bottom.

    I do have it ratio set to 'core provided' and also the integer set to ON. Those settings allow all the games to look great except they fill the screen..

    I thought the only way I could fiddle with resolution (to my needs) was to set the Aspect ratio to CUSTOM, when I do that it then I can't retain CORE PROVIDED?

    Apologies for being dim with all this.. I'm still learning!

  • @jamietuley said in Reduce screen size to allow for external bezel..:

    The dell monitor im using is 5:4.

    What is its native resolution?

  • @Clyde 1280 X 1024..

    I think.. I looked up the monitor model online (dell 1901 19")

    Thanks in advance for any help!

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    i don't think there's a good way to do this. if you do a custom resolution in retroarch that includes some padding it
    a) won't solve the issue in non-libretro games/emulationstation, etc.
    b) will need to be done for each arcade game as they have many different resolutions.

    the only way i can see is using the overscan settings to add some overscan to give you a vertical border. eg:
    you'd want something like


    increase the 20 for _top and _bottom until you get the right amount of border.

    however that will
    a) mess up the aspect ratio of the games, making them look fatter. i guess you could add


    where X is the same as the number you're using above.
    b) give you some pretty brutal scaling artefacts, since you're fairly low resolution to begin with.

    maybe there's another way...

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