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RetroPie / Retroarch / MAME / MAME 2003: Configuring a Trackball/Spinner for Joystick games

  • Hello community and Happy Holidays!

    I have an issue that I cannot resolve and not only do I hope you can help, I hope it is possible:
    Currently, I have a Windows 10 machine running MAME-0186 and I am able to map a trackball movement in ANY game that I am currently in (Marble Madness & Space Invaders).

    When I load that same ROM onto my Pi 3 (running RetroPie 4.5.1 and defaulted to MAME 2003 at the moment):
    1 - If it is a native Trackball game (i.e. Marble Madness), the Trackball works just fine
    2 - If the game is not a native trackball game (i.e. Space Invaders), I cannot get RetroArch/MAME to recognize my Trackball/Mouse device.

    Is this a limitation of Retroarch on the Pi and will therefore need a PC to otherwise operate these games with a Trackball or is there some setting that will allow me a Trackball/Mouse device (recognized by games like Marble Madness) use for a non-native Trackball game like Space invaders (which only uses Left-Right)

    Again, I can configure MAME on my Win10 PC to operate Space Invaders with a Trackball.

    Thanks in advance!

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