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RetroPie won’t create the GameCube or Wii folders on my USB

  • Hello! I am using a Raspberry Pi 3 to run RetroPie. I got it installed fine and attempted to run Super Mario 64, all went smoothly until I attempted to add a GameCube ROM to my USB stick, when I realized that there was no ‘gc’ folder or ‘wii’ folder created.

    I made sure to wait until the activity light went out for a few minutes when my RetroPie was creating the files. So anyway, I moved the system files over to my USB stick using
    ‘RetroPie-mount’, again, all went well. So I created the folders myself and added the ROMs to them (via SFTP). But the system just ignored them.

    I am really confused because it’s working fine everywhere except those two folders.

    Please help!

  • Global Moderator

    In order for a system (GameCube/Wii) to show up in EmulationStation, their folders must be configured with an emulator. It doesn't matter if the folder exists, if it's not registered, it will not be shown.
    The GC/Wii emulator in RetroPie (dolphin) is not installed and it's not available for a PI3, it's usable right now only on a PC installation. That's why there is no gc/wii folders on your PI.

  • Ok thanks

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