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Does anything run Pac Manic Miner Man?

  • As seen here:

    It works in HBMAME but no idea if anything supports it in Retropie. It's quite hard to work out how to strip out the "" file from the merged HBMAME puckman ROMset so I'm not sure if I'm trying to run the right thing.

  • This isn't quite your answer as I didn't realise this arcade hack exists, but isn't this just the spectrum version of manic miner booted into a pacman arcade board?

    I mean if you really can't get the game working, the spectrum version of the game definitely works and runs on lr-fuse.

  • @retropieuser555 It's the Spectrum version hacked to run on Pac-Man hardware, yes. Obviously I know I could run that instead, but I wanted to run this.

    Happily, I found the ROM eventually and you can indeed play it in Retropie by renaming it to and running it with (for example) lr-mame2003.

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