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Windows version of EmulationStation crashing

  • Happy New Year everyone. I encountered this problem with EmulationStation today after it loaded on my PC. I went to my Playstation 2 list of games. As I scrolled down, the screen froze for a few seconds. A few moments later, it returned to the loading screen with the spinning wheel. A few moments later, the "EmulationStation has crashed" dialogue box appeared. Does anyone know why this may have occurred? Should I submit anything to make it easier to figure out the issue? Thanks for your help :-).

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    What version of EmulationStation are you using and where did you download it from ?

  • It is Portable Game Station 1.8.1 Alpha from HerbFargus. Should I download another version?

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    Should I download another version?

    Try an updated Windows version from

  • I think what might work (correct me if I'm wrong) is if I combine the files from the jrassa version with the 1.8.1 version created by HerbFargus. I also might try adding the two RetroArch executables into the Portable Game Station folder. I think I saw a video from ETA Prime on YouTube that showed these steps to get it working properly. I'll let you know how that works out. Thank you for the input mitu.

  • I can confirm that what I did with the combination of the files actually works. Now I just need to do some scraping using Screenscraper instead of The GamesDatabase for now. Thanks again for all the help. 😁

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