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Can background music be added to EmulationStation?

  • I was just wondering if any background music can be added to the Windows 10 version of EmulationStation (while at the frontend) right before it launches any roms or isos. I know this is possible through RetroPie, but what steps would I have to take to add the .mp3 files of a bgm folder? Thank you for your help :).

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    I think @f-caruso's EmulationStation's version has this feature already -

  • Thanks. I may try f-caruso's port soon. Now that I am thinking of it, maybe I'll add a collection of splashscreens too! ;-)

  • @Striderx99 @mitu

    Krashdevil's RetroPie CRT Edition han this feature.
    Maybe something can be learned from his github?

    Retropie-CRT-Edition Background music service

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    @Rion said in Can background music be added to EmulationStation?:

    Krashdevil's RetroPie CRT Edition han this feature.

    That's just a script that runs music in the background - there are at least 2 variants here in the forums of them. @Striderx99 is asking for something that's integrated in EmulationStation, since they're not using RetroPie, but Windows.

  • @mitu Woops.. That's what happens when you don't read thoroughly.. 😅

  • That's ok mitu. I would be willing to run a .bat file in the background if need be. I tried doing it myself and I was successful getting music to load up before the main screen finishes loading up on EmulationStation, as well as when you exit out of a game and go back to the menu. The problem I'm having is getting just one splashscreen to randomly load up/play before the loading screen and stopping/closing the media player that displays it.

    The code for my splashtest.bat is the following:


    REM Your splashscreens file path:
    start "" --play and exit "C:\Program Files (x86)\VLC\vlc.exe" -L "C:\Users\Username\Music\Playlists\Splashscreens.wpl"

    REM Kill your media player:
    C:\Program Files (x86)\VLC\vlc.exe /F

    REM Run the frontend (EmulationStation example):
    start "" "C:\Program Files (x86)\EmulationStation\emulationstation.exe"

    REM Run the media player (WMPlayer example):
    start "" "C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Media Player\wmplayer.exe" -L "C:\Users\Username\Music\Playlists\EmulationStation.wpl"

    If anyone here has ideas on any mistakes you can see or a better way of executing this, please let me know. A big thank you goes out to those who can provide these answers :-D.

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