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Dreamcast cheat codes outside of libretro

  • I have 2 questions, but they're related to the overarching question, which is: how can I load cheat codes if I'm not using the libretro front-end?

    I'm currently running Dreamcast games using reicast, lr-flycast, and redream. Redream has some cheat codes already installed for most games. However, they don't include some of the codes I would like to try for certain games. Can additional codes be added manually for games played in redream? I know how to do this with lr-flycast, but lr-flycast struggles to consistently provide all the layers of sound on some games. I'll report that to the issue tracker if it's not a duplicate, but I would like to have the flexibility to run games in all 3 emulators with consistent cheat support configured for each.

    Also, can cheat codes be applied to games launched with reicast?


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