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Mattrixk's 'Spare' theme - removing the meta data from the Retropie system menu

  • Hi all,

    I wish to use Mattrixk's excellent 'Spare' theme but noticed that in the Retropie system menu it still shows the meta data on the right panel (rating, publisher, last played, etc., with most as "Unknown"). I've added a photo to show what I mean.

    alt text

    Of course this meta data isn't relevant or necessary to the menu options, and other themes like Carbon don't show this meta data in the Retropie menu. However, I'm struggling to figure out how to edit the theme.xml in the retropie folder to override spare.xml's instruction to list this meta data (I hope I'm making sense here!).

    Here's what's in the retropie theme.xml:

    <view name="system, basic, detailed">
    <image name="logo">

    Any thoughts on what I can add to this in order to remove the meta data stuff from the Retropie system menu?

    Many thanks

  • You can choose Basic view to hide automatically. You'll find it under UI Settings/Gamelist View Style

  • @Thorr69 Hi, thanks for the suggestion - but would that not also hide it for all my 'systems', not just the Retropie menu?

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