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  • Hi Folks, new here... Apologies if this topic is addressed elsewhere - I can't seem to find if so. It's quite a specific topic/symptom. Running a Raspberry Pi 4B. The image works great, almost all ROMS are perfect. However, a few of the Arcade Classic ROMs: Dig Dug and Burgertime - as examples don't display correctly. They load as what could be best described as exploded and massive. So only the very upper left part of the game displays. And exiting the game keeps the image in that exploded mode. Again, it's only a few games it does this with, but I can't seem to understand why. I am running HDMI all resolutions and format is set to "unset" and it's a Samsung 4k TV set to 16:9 on the Picture. There is no way to detect, or make static the pic, seems the RP 4 with the game figures everything out except these few games. Thoughts? Again, apologies, if this is not enough detail?

  • This very much sounds like a 3rd party image.

  • @kreid90 where did you get your retropie image from?

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