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Help i've broken it!!

  • I used to play a golf game called Turf Masters when I used to go out to the pub with friends back in the 1990s. Was delighted to have found it and put the file '' in my 'fba' folder. When I went to run it, it black screened and would not exit back to Emulation Station with Select and Start buttons together, so had to pull the plug.

    Upon restarting, 4 raspberries come up with lots of lines then the blue Retropie screen. Next, it goes back to the lines of text and displays the following. Its waiting for a response from me, but I'm not sure what to type....

    Raspbian GNU/Linux 9 retropie ttyl
    retropie login:

    The cursor is flashing after the colon. This has never happened before. Help! What do I need to type or do?!?! Turning it off and back on doesnt work either!


  • @vasquez109 the default username is pi and the default password is raspberry (cursor doesn't move when entering the password)

    If it doesn't load Emulation Station just type emulationstation and press enter.

    As for why the rom didn't load correctly I'm not so sure but it could be that you have a rom from the incorrect romset (see here)

    It would be helpful to add the information requested here

    If somebody doesn't come around with more info by the time I get to my pi I'll put a little walkthrough on how to re-enable the pi to boot to Emulation Station automatically.

  • Aww thanks! So glad to see that working again!! Greatly appreciated!

  • I have the same issue with my Pi 0! Thank you so much!

  • @simpleethat Every time I switch the Raspberry Pi on now it goes straight to that prompt where I have to type Pi and Raspberry. It is slightly frustrating, but something I can live with. Unfortunately, the other half wouldnt be able to cope plugging the keyboard and typing that.

    Any advice to make my machine go back to the good old days?

    Once again, thank you for your help!

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