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PC/PS3 controller issue - RetroPie recognizes some device but buttoms not working at all

  • Hey, Retro friends!
    I spend whole day trying to get rid of it... and I am literaly crashed...

    But going back to start, I made my retro console from Raspberry Pie 4B and I leved it! I get 2 SNES clones pads and all went great but I wanted more so I ordered 2 PS3 close pads for some PSX and N64 games.

    But after day searching trying and doing what I can. I realized I wont be able to do it by my own.

    Basicaly my situation is identical as posted here:

    Additionaly I thought maybe this is something wrong with my system so I instaled fresh one on second SD card, unfortunately it didn't help.

    Here are gamepads which I bought: esperanza gamepad ps3/pc usb trooper black EGG108K

    Maybe is there any force way to make it work? Maybe anyone figure out anything since last 3 months?

    Please let me know if you need any details. Cheers!

    Re: RetroPie detects USB controller but buttons don't work

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