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PS3 Controller Hotkey Combinations not quite working in SNES emulator, can you help?

  • Hi, I've been able, using a YouTube video, to connect up my PS3 controller to RetroPie running on RP3 via Bluetooth, which is great.

    However, the hotkeys described here for save and load aren't working for me (this is when using the SNES emulator). Contrary to the documentation, If I press hotkey + select, I get a save state notification, but I've no idea what the combination is for load state.

    Can any advise of the best way to reconfigure those hotkeys? Or determine how my load state hotkey is configured?


  • I'm probably on RetroPie 4.3, by the way.

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    Please add more info about your system, as detailed in

    To reconfigure your hotkeys, go through the Input configuration in EmulationStation - - this will re-create the RetroArch configs.

  • Please add more info about your system

    I'm trying to collate this information. I can confirm that it's a raspberry PI 3 running RetroPie 4.3, built from the pre-made SD Image on RetroPie website.

    Ok so I've tried a couple of options here. If I choose "select" as stated in the docs, then I can't get to any of the hotkey actions to work at all. If I choose the "PS" button as the hotkey, then I find that:

    Hotkey + Left Trigger: Select save slot 1
    Hotkey + Right Trigger: Select save slot 0

    Hotkey + X does, as the documentation states, get me to the RetroArch quick menu (RGUI Menu?), which I suppose is where I'm trying to get to, as I can do both a save and load state from there....

    ...but the Hotkey + Shoulder button combinations don't appear to do anything for me.

  • @pinacolada Ok so I think I've resolved this.

    Firstly, I took advice from a YouTube video which described how to update RetroPie itself - this took me to the following screens:

    • Update Remote Setup Script
    • Basic Install
    • Perform Reboot

    It took a while, and looked like some errors occurred during the install, did come back up, and now the hotkey + right trigger DOES load from the save slot.

    So I guess the root cause here was an older version of Retropie.

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