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Vast amounts of ROMs suddenly not working

  • So recently got a 1up pi boy xl running retropie with a raspberry pi 3 b. It worked great at first and I rarely came across any rom that wouldn’t work. Then as I was getting accustomed to how it all works I decided to try and add some more games to my PlayStation and n64 libraries.
    After doing this I now have vast vast vaaaast amount of ROMs not working, I’ll select and it’ll take me back to my the home screen. Entire libraries of ROMs are doing this, including atari 2600, gameboy, nes and more.

  • @xandertree "1up pi boy xl"
    Is this a third party package? Sounds like the vendor would be able to help.

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    Selling pre-loaded system with RetroPie image loaded is against the project's license. That, combined with the copyrighted ROMs included in the package you bought, makes the vendor a scammer.
    Ask them for support, we don't support this type of systems in the forum.

  • Could be wrong but looking on their website I don't see anywhere that it says it comes with ROMs pre loaded. The op did say he added N64 and psx ROMs himself.

    Edit: "It worked great at first and I rarely came across any rom that wouldn’t work. " Though that line is a bit fishy...

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    First hit on google search goes to a site offering (for 199, down from 239 USD)

    1UP Pi-boy Raspberry Pi 3B Handheld Game Console With 10000+ Games

  • @mitu yep I see that now, the site I found didn't say anything about ROMs. But it's quite clear the op bought a pre-loaded system for sure.

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