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  • Pi 4, official power supply, running RetroPie 4.6. Built from official SD image.

    I've set up a DolphinBar with a standard Wiimote to try and play various lightgun games, starting with Duck Hunt on the NES. Using lr-fceumm I have managed to configure it as a mouse and get the fire button to work, however was having problems shooting offscreen in order to change the game mode (the crosshairs just remain at the edge of the screen, and it registers as a hit onscreen).

    I've also tried lr-nestopia, which does allow to shoot offscreen, but not consistently. Also the crosshairs are incredibly wobbly, even when the Wiimote is left still on a table!

    I wondered if anyone had found a solution to this, as a fair bit of searching has brought up other people with similar problems (on both NES and MAME) but various suggestions that haven't worked. I've tried fiddling with the fullscreen mode, but can't seem to make it appear windowed. Given that NES games are 4:3 and the TV is widescreen, I was hoping that it would be possible to somehow make a "deadzone" for the Wiimote at the edges, but the crosshairs keep reappearing in the middle.

    Thanks in advance!

  • @TedMaul Duck Hunt used to work flawlessly on nestopia, as did all the other zapper games like Hogan's Alley, but somewhere along the way something got screwed up. I have a DolphinBar/Wiimote setup as well though I don't believe I've set these up again after switching to a Pi 4 so I may have to check it out. Most of the gun games I played with were arcade gun games on advmame.

  • @BGallagherLA interesting... has it worked well for MAME? I haven't tried beyond one title yet (Terminator 2) because the main thing I got it for was Duck Hunt (daft I know...!)

  • @TedMaul When I had my Raspberry Pi 2 setup it worked great! I have maybe 60 or so arcade gun games that work great. Sadly, some of the newer more high-end arcade gun games like House of the Dead and Area 51 I could not get to work, too slow, but maybe they'd work better on the Pi 4! Operation World, Operation Thunderbolt, Jurassic Park, Lethal Enforcers, Rail Chase, and many more, all worked great. May have to see how they perform on a pi 4.

  • Also there is an arcade version of Duck Hunt that works great.

  • I saw online that someone said pointing it down instead of to the side works better? Don't know if this helps or not, I just happened to remember that.

  • @xjestersdeadx This is true yes. Same with most of the arcade games I had working.

  • @xjestersdeadx thanks, I'll give this a try!

  • @BGallagherLA that's really encouraging to hear so many work - I really need to organise my ROMset before trying it but hopefully fun things await!tedmaul

  • Sadly, pointing downwards didn't work for either core... back to the drawing board!

  • After a fair bit of trial and error, just wondering if anyone has any further pointers - could a fullscreen window (rather than just fullscreen) potentially work for this? I'm envisaging the full screen being the size of the widescreen, with the window being 4:3 - potentially the emulator would still register the hit outside of the displayed screen. I'm struggling with the Retroarch GUI options for this though.

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