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  • Hello community.
    I recently bought a raspberri pi4 4gb (overklocked to 2100 mhz on cpu and 750 mhz on gpu), I tried emulating n64 on it with a few diffrent games.
    gles2rice is the best option for me since the rest of the emulation options are really pixelated and slower.
    However when I tried running mario kart , donkey kong, or kirby on it the screen is tripping really hard.
    Looks like it's showing older frames between newer ones really fast which makes the screen flicker a lot.
    When I play ocarina of time or mario 64 this doesn't happen.
    Is there any solution to this?

  • @Fabimawn you'll need to edit the mupen64plus.cfg located at /opt/retropie/configs/n64 and change the screen update setting in the video-rice section to "7". However, be aware that gles2rice is an outdated video plugin and is likely to have many accuracy issues. Mupen64plus-gliden64 should be used as your first choice and gles2rice used as a back up option.

  • @Fabimawn Have you tried to lower the overclock a little bit? When I tried to overclock to 2100 I encountered glitches and such so I think it's about the limit. I work with an arm_freq=2000 (do you have over voltage set too?)

    Also I haven't had a full mess around with the n64 emulators but gles2rice isn't the best one for most games (it's old and isn't developed anymore). At present I'm just using it for Goemon.

    Have you tried either mupen64plus-gliden64 or lr-mupen64plus-next? Those are my go-to emulators.

  • Thanks for the responses to my question!!

    I've already tried to downclock the device, that didn't help a lot though, yes I have overvoltage set to 6, however I tried to disable it for testing purposes, sadly it didn't help.
    I actually only used gles2rice since my games then run at 1080p, all of the other options run at a realy low res, and when I look into the menu where you can change the video output, it's set to 1080p.

    So I think my new question would be then how to set the "real" resolution for one of the better emulators to 1080p.

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