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Megadrive/SNES emulators suggestions for Pi 1 Model B?

  • Hi,

    I am new to Retropie. Installed Retropie 4.6. Awesome work really. Tested Kodi integration. Works great.

    Would you have emulator suggestions for me? I know I should be wary about performance.

    I would love to play Megadrive and SNES games.

    When installing optional packages, I noticed there is no 'lr-picodrive' emulator (for the Megadrive) in the list. Shouldn't this be available? I know I can't use dgen with my RPi 1, which is too slow.
    What emulator shall I use for the Megadrive?

    For the SNES, there is 'snes9x' and 'lr-snes9x' available. Which one should I use?

    Any recommendations on fast emulators installable from the optional packages list would be welcome!

    Thank you.

  • Global Moderator

    you didn't fill out so i'm assuming that you used the official retropie zero image, so the default pre-installed ones should be the most performant.

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