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  • Hello Everyone. I am very surprised I haven't seen this mentioned before - I had a look around, please let me know if this is has already been covered elsewhere.

    Emulationstation rotates ALL Super Famicom Boxart to be in a portrait orientation, which makes sense for most SFC titles. However, a number of SFC titles have boxart that is oriented horizontally and should display landscape just like SNES box art.

    I tried manually rotating them in windows and overwriting the rotated image on the pi, but emulationstation rotated it back to the landscape form.

    Is there a way to manually edit the gamelist.xml to rotate specific images 90 degrees? I tried this but it caused the box art to disappear entirely. I simply added a rotate="90" inside the img tag, but this appears to be the wrong syntax or the wrong tag.

    Any ideas? !

  • @StoutYeoman My first thought was 'why have quotes around it?' but then I googled something and it may need rotation="90" instead.

    I will admit that XML is not something I am too familiar with though.

  • Not sure why ES would rotate the artwork back. I went through and manually rotated every SFC box art that required it and everything went smoothly for me. When you did the rotating in Windows, did you move the box arts to your local hard drive first or did you do it over the network, with the box arts still on the SD card? That might have something to do with it, but I'm not sure.

  • @SeraphisCain Thanks for answering! I saved them on my local machine then overwrote the file on the sd card.

    I even renamed the file and edited the gamelist.xml to point to the new filename, but I received the same result.

  • @StoutYeoman Can you try rotating a single box art while ES is running? SSH into your Pi, copy a box art to your local drive, rotate it, copy it back over, and see if the change is immediately registered in ES? You'll have to scroll off and back onto the game to see the change, but it should immediately register it. And then reboot and see if it's rotated back or not.

  • @SeraphisCain No luck. I checked to see if it changed in real time and it did not. I reset the pi, no change.

    There must be some config telling it to rotate.

  • @StoutYeoman As far as I know, there's nothing within EmulationStation that would be manually rotating your images like this. The images aren't rotated due to anything ES is doing, they're rotated because that's how they're uploaded to ScreenScraper. There's got to be some sort of gamelist.xml/downloaded images conflict going on here. Can you check to make sure you don't have multiple gamelist.xml? It can be present in the following locations:

    ROM/System folder - ~/RetroPie/roms/<system>/gamelist.xml
    ES user folder - ~/.emulationstation/gamelists/<system>/gamelist.xml
    ES system folder - /etc/emulationstation/gamelists/<system>/gamelist.xml

    And have you scraped more than once, with more than one scraping tool? If so (or even if not, just to make sure), check and make sure you don't have two sets of box arts saved in different locations. Check both the opt/RetroPie/configs/all/emulationstation/downloaded_images/(system name) folder and the ROMs folder for that system just to be sure.

  • @SeraphisCain Thanks for helping out... This is what's strange:

    I SSH'd into my pi and sure enough, the images I overwrote are all orientated correctly when I open them in windows explorer.

    I'll take a look and see if there is another gamelist.xml anywhere. I have used both SSelph's scraper and the built-in scraper. I checked the metadata on one game (Akumajou Dracula) and it is pointing to the image I expected it top point to.

    I'll see if there is a conflict with another gamelist.xml. There is artwork in another images folder too, but the metadata isn't pointing there on most titles.

  • @SeraphisCain I have looked through the pi but as far as I can tell the directories you mentioned - apart from the roms directory where I have been looking thus far - either do not exist or are not accessbile without root access.

    It's really quite a headscratcher. I'm completely stumped at this point.

    Is it possible the old image is cached somehow? I have powered the unit on and off several times during this process.

  • @StoutYeoman Could you check one more location for gamelist.xml?

    /opt/retropie/configs/all/emulationstation/gamelists/(system name)

    Technically it's the same path as the second one in the list I posted above, but it's the full path this time instead of the symlink path. As you said that you do have a second set of images, I'm fairly confident that there's another set of gamelist.xml pointing to those images, it's just a matter of finding it.

  • @SeraphisCain Thanks - there is a gamelist there, but the titles on it are not the ones affected by the issue. There are only a handful of titles and there's no metadata defined. A red herring, I'm afraid.

    I appreciate your help, but I'm ready to give up. I don't think it's going to get worked out.

    Thanks anyway.

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